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Delivering top-quality frozen chicken, pork, and beef globally with specialized supply chain solutions and competitive cost advantages.

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Providing tailored solutions for procurement, inventory management, and product application to over 600 global companies and institutions.


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Brazilian Frozen Chicken is a premiere international producer and distributor of high-quality frozen chicken, pork, and beef with a global reach across continents.

Our strategically located central office in Asia, combined with decades of experience, allows us to offer tailored supply chain solutions to over 600 global companies.

We are developing an AI-driven computer vision analytics system to assess chicken walking ability and leg health, and we are testing the system at pilot farms in China and Canada. The system aims to enable early detection of certain potential health and welfare issues in flocks, allowing farmers and technical support staff to address and mitigate issues quickly.
We pioneered a new system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and analyze broiler chicken vocalizations and understand the implications for their wellbeing. We are piloting and testing this system in our poultry operations in China.
To help improve the nutrition, health and wellbeing of farm animals all around the world, we provide training to hundreds of thousands of farmers each year in sustainable agricultural practices, which can include topics like animal husbandry and health.

Our Portfolio

Explore our recent work showcasing top-quality frozen meats distributed across continents.


Client Testimonials

Brazilian Frozen Chicken’s products are top-notch, and their service is excellent.


John Combs

I highly recommend Brazilian Frozen Chicken for their quality and reliability in the industry.


Jane Smith

The team at Brazilian Frozen Chicken is professional and committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.


Emily Davis

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